Customers who buy from are made up retailers, wholesalers, importer agents, ebay sellers, etc. Such folks have little problems importing carton quantities from since they already know who their target market and seasonal demands are. However, if you are thinking of starting out part-time, like many others who are chasing their entrepreneural dreams and realizing that buying from China may be the answer to their dreams, then we may have some useful insights for you.

Needless to you say, we assume you've already researched into what products you know are in demand for your target market and which you are confident in selling. And hopefully that product is also something that you enjoy selling. Does the phrase "Do what you like, like what you do" comes to mind? Anyway... when you're starting out and buying your very first carton from, the carton quantity of say 100 units per carton might still seem daunting to you. Of course, there are other wholesale websites out there, selling less than carton quantity items. i.e. in dozen packs or cases. However, you know the obvious reason you're still looking and considering cartons is its innovative product designs, low prices and the potentials profits you can make from it. But how to maximise on carton quantity?

This is where you may get to kill 2 birds with one stone. If you planning on a part-time business, then importing a few cartons from will not set you back by a great deal. Let's say you have a carton of 100 quantity cool USB flask disks in hand. Your first objective of having enough quantities in hand would be for you to be able to offer generous free samples to your customers to try out. Now, comes the second objective. Assuming you have an great eye for things and picked a real winner. Now, customers are calling you up and ready to place orders. And these customers can't wait. They want the stock and they want it now. If you had ordered too little quantities to start off with, all you can do is tell the customer to wait "some time" while you get hold of the stock (all the way from Asia). Imagine what this might do to your business! Chances are you might lose this customer as you do not have adequate stock in hand. But if you already had some inventory in reserve, then a cash deal can be done there and then. You get to turn your stock into cash and therefore, immediate profits! Even if the customer needed more stock than you have in hand, at least you're offering them something to sell immediately whilst giving you time you replenish your stock for re-orders.

Bearing in mind, most of our total cost per carton is low, therefore you need not invest a lot of money to end up with a great variety of products to sell. Remember, in a world where time is money and cash is king, you wouldn't want to keep customers waiting and risk the chance of losing them. We wish you the very best of luck in your entreprising endeavours!