USEFUL TIP 1 ON BULK BUYING may currently be the only website that allows you to buy in minimal quantities direct from China manufacturers at near factory prices. Instead of having to buy thousands of units of one item, you can now buy as little one carton per item. But let's break this concept down even furthur. What really constitutes one carton? It could be as little as 4 units of a large item, or as much as 200 units of a smaller item that can fit into one carton.

In situations like this, you may be thinking... "200 units! What am I going to do with 200 units?"

But let's try to picture this another way. For a carton of 200 units of an item, chances are, the cost per item is immensely low. For example, the true landed cost (product cost + shipping of a carton of 200 bath scrubbers might cost you $0.35 per scrubber. Hence, per carton landed cost is only 200 x $0.35 = $70.

If you resell each bath scrubber at say $0.85, and you make a profit of $0.50 per scrubber, you'll need to sell 82 scrubbers ($70 divide by $0.85) to make back your entire investment of $70. But get this... the rest of your remaining 118 bath scrubbers are now entirely PURE PROFITS! Once you re-couped your investment of $70 by selling 82 bath scrubbers at your normal retail price, you can then sell the rest of the 118 sponges at ANY price points you like without losing a dime!

Now, let's suppose you decide to slash prices of all your remaining bath scrubbers by half which sells out in no time, you will still net a healthy 118 x $0.43 = $50.74 in pure profits. Which translates to a 172% return and that's if you're really feeling generous!

Hence, our advice to you is not to be too overly concerned about the quantity commitment of each carton, but instead, truly appreciate the low investment cost involved per carton that is, and the potential profits it can bring you as highlighted in the above scenario.