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I buy all my grandchildren's toys from SmallVolume. They have something for every age group. Never been disappointed with anything I've purchased. SmallVolume customer service is great-even though I haven't had much of a need because there's never a problem or issue with the product, shipping, etc. Base a lot of my purchases off their reviews. Great place to shop.
United Kingdom - Nov. 23, 2010.

This is the first time I have ordered from this company and highly recommend it to whoever is looking for a unique gift.
France - Nov. 28, 2010.

I absolutely love this website and the products they offer. We were introduced to the site by my neighbour who always bought from Smallvolume. We checked it out, ordered some Christmas gifts for our girls, and loved them all! We decided to purchase more products from SmallVolume and begin a preschool curriculum for my oldest daughter. Love, love, LOVE it!
Nigeria - Dec. 8, 2010.

Great concept and I really like the variety of educational toys offered. I will definitely shop here for my own children and the rest of the children in my family.
Italy - Dec. 12, 2010.

Oh!, I'm very excited as a box arrived today with some lovely things in it, thankyou very much – I am very pleased Thankyou again Warm Regards
Lithuania - Dec. 15, 2010.

Thank you very much I have received my order and love your products and your service was excellent.
Lithuania - Dec. 19, 2010.

Wanted to let you know that I received the traditional Chinese Tang Suit. It is indeed a masterpiece. It looks great with rich China elements I made my Dad for Christmas. Thanks again and Happy Holidays.
Greece - Dec. 20, 2010.

Hello, I would just like to thank you very much for my new toys. I'm so excited! I will get my owner to put some photo's up soon. Tweet to you later.
Singapore - Dec. 20, 2010.

Thank you so much! We LOVE the train set. Even more important our two year old loves it even MORE! He plays with it all day long and even wants to go to bed with it too! Thanks so much for a quality toy at a reasonable price! Thanks.
Slovenia - Dec. 21, 2010.

** Service Fees


From General Merchandise to Liquidation Lots charges a nominal add-on percentage service fee on top of your purchase order total. Please read furthur down this page for the important tasks we need to perform in order to service your order effectively. We position ourselves as your out-sourced buying house and logistics office in Asia, so you may engage us anytime for your importing and sourcing needs for liquidation lots, wholesale bulk items, sporting goods, and wholesale suppliers of houseware, kitchenware and electronics.

Order Sub-Total between Service Fee
$0 - $5K 10% of order sub-total
$5K - $20K 7.5% of order sub-total
Above $20K 5% of order sub-total

*As with any business, we are open to further negotiations if you intend to place a sizeable quantity order. You may contact us directly to discuss further.

Should I go direct to source or engage services?

Please view the following benefits about using
  • Allows retailers/importers/wholesalers/distributors/entrepreneurs to buy in small quantities from China as little as one carton/lot instead of a container. We would have taken the time and effort to pre-negotiate lowest minimum order quantity possible prior to being published for sale on our website.

  • Enjoy no markups* on factory prices. We simply charge a sliding scale service fee structure for servicing your order. We believe in helping you obtain genuine factory prices so you can conduct better competitive analysis.

  • View real time wholesale prices and bulk purchase discounts without having to sign up and purchase business products using our shopping cart. Our products are export-ready with necessary certificates needed to enter your country.

  • Make convenient and safe payment via credit card, paypal and wire transfer to company account rather than fall victim to scam by paying with western union or wiring money to personal accounts

  • Shop from verified suppliers dotted around the region, but have us consolidate your order as one single shipment at one central point instead of having to pay for multiple shipping related charges from several locations

  • Efficient door to door/port delivery via courier, post, air or ocean freight to suit your budget and time constraints. You get to enjoy huge shipping savings than if you did this on your own since receives highly discounted shipping rates as much as 45% off from its shipping partners.

  • Experience peace of mind when you know your funds are safely protected and your goods are purchased in line with our escrow payment mechanism, which ensures your goods are received/inspected prior to supplier being paid in full.

  • Small buyers who may previously been labeled as "small fry" and not entitled to priority service is now able to enjoy high standards of service as a big buyer. Our collective buying power ensures every supplier needs to serve you well

  • You only need to deal with our English speaking staff, and not having to endure possible frustration communicating with multitude of suppliers made worse by language barrier

  • Extra layer of pre-shipment quality control checks and carton count at goods warehouse in addition to quality checks already conducted by supplier

  • Importing is never 100% risk free. Enjoy our Asset Protection Insurance Scheme where will compensate you losses through cash refunds due to possible goods damage, missing items, etc during transit.

Or are we Value-Added B2B Service Providers essential for your importing needs?


If, for some reason, you still feel you need to go direct to source right away,
please click here for details on how to access our network of suppliers!



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With, you can now import unlimited varieties of unique products in flexible quantities from suppliers all around China. Simply order your products and we'll handle the rest. As a complete door-to-door service, we'll help you coordinate delivery of your goods from various supplier locations, book shipment via air or ocean freight, perform import/export paperwork for customs clearance purposes, and even arrange transportation of your goods from your nearest port to your doorstep!